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Busfinder Semi Luxury Bus Hre

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Choose from an assortment of semi luxury coaches and 60 seater semi-luxury bus hire options in South Africa, according to your specific semi luxury tour budget and semi luxury bus rental specifications.

The semi luxury bus hire division caters for university and school tour groups in South Africa, church groups and corporate staff tour groups to name a few, who seeks comfortable and neat 60 seater semi luxury coaches, which can best suit their basic coach hire and transport needs and also meet their coach hire tour budget.

Semi luxury buses are generally front engine buses. However, there are rear engine 60 seater semi-luxury coaches for hire as well, which can be utilized for conferences and special events, school curriculum based tours and short tour outings.

60 Seater Semi Luxury Coach features

Safety is paramount to our Guests and Passengers, and all 60 seater semi luxury buses are fully fitted with seat belts for added security while on tour. The 60 seater semi luxury coach hire option is the most affordable bus hire alternative in South Africa should you be in need of a less costly coach, such as a luxury coach with onboard toilet.

Oftentimes, local coach tour groups would not require an onboard toilet, or full luxury coach features like a luxurious interior with reclining seats. This is where a 60 seater semi luxury coach or 65 seater semi luxury bus would suffice. The 60 seater semi luxury bus features include:

  • Individual high back, non reclining cloth seats (seating configuration generally 3 x 2)
  • Individual seat belts per seat
  • Air conditioning
  • PA system with microphone
  • Radio/CD
  • DVD Player with monitors (available on a selection of 60 seater semi luxury coaches)
  • Sliding windows
  • Fixed windows (available on a selection of 60 seater semi luxury coaches)
  • Under carriage luggage compartments
  • Overhead parcel racks for overnight rucksacks or small luggage bags

Our 60 seater semi luxury bus charter service is extended across the major business hubs in South Africa and Namibia:

  • Western Cape, Cape Town
  • Johannesburg
  • Kwazulu Natal, Durban
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Bloemfontein
  • Nelspruit
  • Namibia, Windhoek

In the 60 seater semi luxury coach division, we will initially discuss your expected number of Passengers, your aims, objectives and budget for your tour in order to establish the specific type of semi luxury bus or semi luxury coach that is best suited to your tour and bus hire requirements.

Our domestic and international Clients have also enjoyed touring on the 60 seater semi luxury coaches as well as 65 seater semi luxury buses, which we’ve dispatched for their budget tours while in South Africa.

Your Busfinder SA 60 seater semi luxury coach and bus hire Specialist can recommend and advise a specific 60 seater semi luxury coach with specific features, best suited to your bus hire tour needs. Contact us today for a free 60 seater semi luxury coach hire consultation.

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